Pain Management of Post Traumatic Headaches

Pain Management of Post Traumatic Headaches

By Gordon Johnson

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Normally we tend to treat a headache with some kind of over–the-counter pain medications.  When it comes to pain management of post traumatic headaches we are dealing with another issue.  There are several kinds of treatments for pain management of post traumatic headaches  that your physician will consider and or prescribe.  Some examples of different methods are;

  • Medications;
  • Physical modalities;
  • Injection Techniques;
  • Psychological therapies;
  • Counseling for pain adaptation;
  • Pain Coping Groups

No matter what ever the types of post traumatic headache, with pain can come emotional issues.  It is not unlikely that pain can cause depression or even anxiety.  If you think about it when you are in pain there isn’t a lot of positive feelings going on and pain can cause a domino effect.  Psychologist and or pain specialist may become involved to help with the pain caused by the headache to help the patient deal better with the pain.  Cognitive-behavioral, stress management and biofeedback therapies can be very helpful.  These types of therapies should be provided by a professionals that are trained to work with patients with chronic pain.

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