Education of Post Traumatic Headaches for the Survivor

Education of Post Traumatic Headaches

By Gordon Johnson

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One the most important factors is the education of post traumatic headaches for those that are suffering. When dealing with chronic pain it is crucial for the person to understand the process of the disease and what they can expect when it comes to treatment.  It is very important that the patient understands how to take their medicines and how important it is to be compliant because it could be detrimental if they over used the pain medicine.  In fact the over use of pain medicine itself can cause headaches which are called drug induced headaches and or rebound headaches.  If the patient is non-compliant with taking their medicine it could have devastating effects such as decreased attention span, interfere with their thinking processes, concentration problems and or memory issues.

Pain can interfere with sleep habits and in return can cause irritability and anxiety.  It is important for the patient to understand as part of their education of post traumatic headaches, how the pain can affect them in other aspects of their lives.  The patient needs to understand with intervention methods that pain can have such an adverse effect on their lives.  With the correct therapies whether they be medicinal or psychological the patient can lead as normal of life as possible.

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